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Jai Jawan - Respectfully dedicated to the soldiers who stand watch on the border.
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IndianBorder.com! Respectfully dedicated to the soldiers who stand watch on the border.


To promote the online Indian identity and become the platform of choice for the internet community through which they can obtain free reliable information about India.

About Us

Indianborder.com is the Portal about information about India, designed, developed and hosted by Nagabhushan.

The objective behind the Portal is to provide a single window access to the information about India for the internet users. An attempt has been made through this Portal to provide comprehensive, accurate, reliable and one stop source of information about India and its various facets. In every article, links will guide you to associated articles, often with additional information. Links at various places, too, have been provided to other Portals/websites having information about India.

The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various individuals who share a common vision for providing internet users with the most efficient, productive and reliable information about India. It is our endeavour to continue the enhancement and enrichment of this Portal in terms of content coverage, design and technology on a regular basis.

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